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Without You Lyrics

Without You by Waifs  

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Without You I’ve been looking out for number one
I’ve been stepping out with my friends
I don’t have to justify what I have done
I don’t have to answer to anyone

I put my body on the line
Take a step out of my mind
Life takes on a different veiw – without you

I feel energized like I was young
I have not felt this way since we began
I re-evaluate my future plan
Time to free myself from your command

Theres no need to compromise
I’ll do what ever I decide
no one else to spoil the view - without you

I don’t care if I ever touch the sun
I don’t care if the whole thing comes undone
Everyday to me is a surprise
I don’t care if it leads to my demise

No restrictions now I’m free
No black clouds hanging over me
I think I like this view – without you

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