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Get Outta Town

by VV Brown. Buy album CD: Lollipops & Politics

(Fletch Soundtrack)

Somebody wants to buy, somebody wants to sell
But nobody wants to tell fact from fiction
Now the word is out, you are the one
Who's causing all the friction
And now the heat is coming down

(Hey you) get outta town
Get outta town (get outta town)
Get outta town
Go north to Alaska or south to Rio
(Get outta town) Get outta town
(Get outta town) Outta town
Go through every red light, there's a plane at midnight
Get outta town

Somebody wants you bad, somebody heard a rumor
It's got a deadly sense of humor
Time to find a new game cause time is on the run
And a man could get hurt having so much fun
And now the heat is coming down


It's a fools paradise out here

And when you get too smart, you get too hot to handle

Go north to Alaska or south to Rio
(Get outta town) Just pack your bag mister and get outta town
Go through every red light, there's a plane at midnight

Somebody wants to know, somebody knows a lot
Got to get outta town

Get outta town (get outta town)
Just get outta town
Go north to Alaska, east to Atlantic City
Or south to Rio, almost as far as you can go
Get outta town, just rent a car (get outta town)
So they won't know where you are

Get outta town...

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Album: Lollipops & Politics (2012) Lyrics
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