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Shade Of Broken Dreams Lyrics

Shade Of Broken Dreams by VOiD808  

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Shade Of Broken Dreams As soon as you have walked away from me
It was almost like my world had die
You're a Falling' angel in my eyes
And I wanted you to see
All the visions and the memory
Of the poet in the rain who cries
Of the different kind of pain tonight?
If I close my eyes tonight
Would you be standing in the rain?
Trenched In love and lie
To stand and see you second time
Took a picture of you in my mind
Broken with my heart
Just in case you wanted to
Remember us tonight

If I could paint the world to show you love
How I think the things would be tonight
I would paint the sky a different light
In the shade of broken dreams
All the while who stand to tell the lies?
That everything all right tonight
That I don't know what's wrong (chorus)

You wanted the sun to rise
You needed someone else to find you
You wanted the sun to rise
You needed everything, everything

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