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7/13 Lyrics

7/13 by Vision Of Disorder  

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7/13 I felt remorse, I felt disgust.

I saw your face, of burning rust.

Upon That highway, I met my god.

On that highway, that took my life.

Chorus: We will destroy visions of our demise.

We thought to take. There was no pain,

for words I saw, for words I felt.

I saw the face, but not the name.

I knew the name. I felt disgrace.

Chorus: Jesus Please, this windshield took me away from my family.

I don't want you. I don't need you.

Decide my f**kin' fate now

and no one can tell me a place

where I f**king belong.

I'm gonna kill you.

I'm gonna kill me.

Don't tell me a way to in this life,

My pain in my life was the one thing I'll never forget.

Just end this. Just take me away from this place.

I tend to bleed, there was no pain,

there was no time.

Inside our fate.

We fought the line

yellow, red, and yellow died.

This was my pain

Chorus: Jesus please, windshield.

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