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Slap In The Face Lyrics by Virgin Snatch


Slap In The Face by Virgin Snatch

You say it cannot stand aside
Because many people fight for life
Plenty of lives in the breakaway
Regions are your citizens

You only think about
Dirty political
Ambitions, condition
Of military shit

Just hold your horses
Just stop your troops
No god. no victims
Back-slapping fools and rules

More confrontation.
Diplomats desperation
Cold war widens out further still!
What is the basis of your false claim?
Nothing: we fully support your government.
Bullets: respect to the memory of forefathers.
Assembly of nobility... no!

Sounds of sirens.
You know what it means
They will provide the first-hand administrative deal.

Just one more strife
Just one more kill
I trust this will fills your needs
So turn the other cheek!

Hope I can
Put my hands up slowly
& shake your head. back-stabbing. slapping in the face!

[1st solo: hiro / 2nd solo: grysik]