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Necrotica Art - The Performance Lyrics

Necrotica Art - The Performance by VII Arcano  

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Necrotica Art - The Performance Dungeons of the night closed for asphyxiation
Enter the calm of morbid creation
Tools ready for decanonization
Reach the realm where fantasies are pushed on

Desires aimed with archaic pleasure
Luxury divided in need to control
No request for salvation
In the gallery of bloodbeauty
Winds of exalt, unable to breathe
Crescendo of enthralling hatred
Meet the masterpiece in the dead

Pose, eyes locked, you're turned into art
Deathscapes already seen
Victim of my raging passion

Come, come, edge of final art
Slaughter of mind and soul at last.
Syndrome to create
A tribute to violation

Body bound to scream in every nerve
Sanity lost for the mighty act
Lights on-welcome in the eyes of the performer

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music