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Welcome To The Bottom Lyrics

Welcome To The Bottom by Vertical Horizon  

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Welcome To The Bottom I wasn't sleeping
Welcome home
It's been a while
We've been expecting you
You tried to deny your family
But we came through so
Welcome to the bottom

The water's gone and the grain is bad
It's not exactly where you'd want to be
But we're the only true friends you've ever had
And this company loves your misery so
Welcome to the bottom
Welcome to the moment
To the highlight of your life
Welcome to the horror
And there's nowhere you can hide
Welcome to the bottom

The acid burns and it takes it's toll
But we all get used to it
There's no give and take
It's just push and pull
And it only hurts for a bit so
Welcome to the bottom


It's so endearing
How you thought you could change
We know you'll be happy
You just need someone to blame

Welcome back
We're glad you know your place
It's always there for you


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