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King Darius Suite Lyrics

King Darius Suite by Veggie Tales  

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King Darius Suite King Darius

I am King Darius,
Ive had dream,
and now I'm feeling rather frightened,
and I wish someone would tell me what it means.

Wise men

we are your wise men,
yes that is true
and now we're using all our wisdom,
we're affraid we can't explain your dream to you

King Darius


Wise men

but there is one who is wisest than and Daniel is his name.
So befre you take another sleeping pill perhaps he can explain


my name is daniel that much s true
but it is God who gives me wisdom,
and through me he will explain your dreams to yo


his name is Daniel
that what he said but when he talks abot this God of his I think hes kind of limpy in the hed
i do


Well Daniel was able to explain the kings dream and this made the king very happy

King Darius

Daniel you have enlitened me.
your job i will expand.
From now on I want you to sit right beside me as the second in comand.


This was very good news for Daniel but very bad news for the Wise Men.
You see each on of them wanted to be second in command.
Now that Daniel got the job they Wise Men would have to do whatever he said this made the wise men very unhappy,
and they immediatley started thinking of ways to get rid of Daniel

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