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Look Up - Various


Look Up by Various

When life gets you down,wearing a frown
Don't look away,look up!
'Cause memories true come out of the blue
You know the way,look up!
"Come on, Arnold!"
"No,Grandma.I'm really not in the mood."
When skies are dark gray,things gone astray
Don't hide away,look up!
Take it!
I had a bad day,nothing went right
I hate my dumb life,I'm down
When you're feeling under the weather
And the dark clouds are getting to you
Keep your troubles light as a feather
And soon you'll be seeing a bright patch of blue
You...gotta look up,you gotta be strong
You gotta take things as they come
'Cause everything new that happens to you
Is better when you,look up!
Well,Arnold,what do you say?
One more time,Grandma.
Arnold,your a pip.
There you go!