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Crazy Lyrics

Crazy by Vanilla Ninja  

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Crazy "Crazy" is the word of the day
Scream and shout, run around and jump
Feel free to do everything your way
Life is sweet so let`s get crazy

When you`re feeling kind of bored
You bet this feeling`s wrong
`coz you are young, you are free
Urge to party must be strong
Better call up your friends
And tell `em to get ready
`coz we`re gonna start this night at about 9.30

So put on your favourite clothes
Be ahead of current trends
Then put on your favourite music
And turn the volume up
Focus on the beat and focus on the bass
Feel it running through your bones—lalala
Never mind the angry neighbours or disturbed citizens
Just be sure you`re feeling good
`coz we`re gonna get crazy!


CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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