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Dirty calypso Lyrics by Vanessa S.


Dirty calypso by Vanessa S.

Yeah yeah dirty calypso
VA (...VA... VA)
Yeah yeah
Do you ride with me?
Like that

When you slowly cross the floor
Tryin to catch my eye
Givin you my every saint
For I can feel your vibe

You think
I don't
Know you but I feel inside
You're mine
And I'm
You're drug
Let me get you high

You want my dirty calypso
The way I'm wearing my jeans slow
You love my hips when they move close
Ah ah...
A sweat drip bin of our bodies
You can't resist got to hold me
But you know you can't control me (dirty calypso)
Ah ah...

Now everybody's watchin' us
They don't inclor(?) your mind
Every movin' every touch
Where do you go in twine
To a
Dance like I know
You're best what maybe I do
And I deny just what we are
Boy this is the truth

Chorus 2x

You want my dirty calypso
You need my dirty calypso
You feel my dirty calypso (dirty calypso)
(VA... VA)
I'm tease my dirty calypso
(let's dance)
Let's dance now (yeah yeah)

Chorus 2x

You want my dirty calypso