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Breaking My Heart Lyrics

Breaking My Heart by Vanessa & Ashley Sharky  

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Breaking My Heart (verse 1)

I'm trying to think it's just so hard
I stare you down but it's just so hard
To look you in those blue eyes


How can you live with your self
How can you make me feel this way
I try to resist it's just so hard
Can't you stop breaking my heart
Breaking breaking breaking my heart

(verse 2)
I don't understand
I never felt this way before
You need to help me out
I'm falling apart
How can I do this
I need your help please I'm bagging
You please


(verse 3)

Why do you do this
One moment you have me the
Next I'm breaking free but always
For some reason I just keep coming back to
You back to you back to you uuuu


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