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Long hair queer Lyrics by Vandals


Long hair queer by Vandals

Well I asked about him, that long hair, and those curls

She said he's just a nice guy, likes to hang out with the girls

Well I didn't think twice about him- I just figured him for gay

I sure had him pegged right wrong he stole my girl away

I told her I don't give a damn Bon Jovi's finally here

I'm not about to miss the Laker game to see that long haired queer

But you go on ahead why don't you take that little freak

That was my first mistake- she didn't come back for a week

He's a long hair havin', back stabbin', lyin', cheatin', dirty little freakin', get along-with-the-girl-lookin' fool

Well that silly little freak, I'd like to give him a beatin'

Left me standin' her like a fool

She took me to a party where she said there'd be afew kegs

More like winecooler drinkin' make-up sportin' Bauhaus stickers with legs

"Have you heard Gene Loves Jezebel?" I said, "Ask me if I care,

All I know is Joni Loves Chachi," then I hit him with my chair

So if your honey fancies hippies well here's all you need to know

Stay clear of L.A. Guns & Roses, take her to a Vandals show

Our suicidal bros will bum her out 'till she just can't hang

And you can party with a skinhead fox with tiny little bangs

I feel like yankin' out his curls for hangin' out with girls

Left me standin' here like a fool