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Twilight - Valley Of Chrome


Twilight by Valley Of Chrome

The center of my universe six thousand miles apart
The journey of the calloused yet ever breathing heart
Day by day I burn in the twilight of her gaze
No entity of fairness could ever be replaced could ever
Be replaced
Our stars collide but the stars don’t shine
I imagine her in my arms she is frozen our vow’s broken
I’ll undo this curse the lines that I rehearse
When silence wraps around
Hands slowly reach out my loneliness and doubt
I plead for your reply
Will you come back to me in the twilight
The moon covers the sun as she slowly walks away
Results in an eclipse in a comatose of the heart
Those days with her seemed endless and her eyes seemed
So sincere I never thought she would suddenly disappear
Her lips were pale yet soft I’m dying in the cold
Your cliche’d lines and withered flowers our story will be told
Without her love my daylight ends
Of whispers and light kisses I shake shiver cry a river