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That's Animalogy Lyrics

That's Animalogy by US The Band  

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That's Animalogy Oh oh, come sing it with me now,
Oh, yeah-how,
Oh oh, come dance to it now,
Oh, yeah-pow.

What happens when you take
The balance of the fates,
And mix it up on a play-ate?
It tells you everything
In summertime or spring.
So what ya gonna call it
If ya gonna haul it?

That`s animalogy.
It`s all hodge-podge-y.

It`ll tell ya what`s that smell`s ya want to know,
Or where to go
To find your soul

What happens when ya read
A creature that you feed,
And make it a science
Or a craze?
It takes the world by storm,
By the next dawn`s morn,
And even a heroine can`t resist this maze!

That`s animalogy.
It`s all hodge-podge-y.

All I have to say,
Is run away today
Before you end up finding your
Cause he won`t be all that,
Oppisites don`t attract.
Just wait for the next
Animalogy attack!
(Speaking) And keep a mole rat handy!
Our love to Kim and Junior!

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