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Useless I.D. Lyrics Nice & Slow (b-rock Remix)

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Nice & Slow (b-rock Remix)

by Useless I.D.. Buy album CD: Redemption

[Twista]Usher RaymondB-rock, remixTwista, the first ageYeahSo come on playa get your lick when its warmPull up in front of your crib nowPeep the shine on the chromeStep out into the breeze and knees up to the backAnd you got it nowLet's bump and grind till we moanLook Shaheed ain't trying to hurt youSlowly I got to work youI just want to make you feel real goodLet the words rise stiffBumping feels goodSwaying with the smooth beatOn my candy coated cane[Usher] (Twista)It's seven o'clock on the dotI'm in my drop top cruisin' the streets (yeah come on)I got a real pretty, pretty little thingThat's waiting for me (yeah what?)I pull up anticipating good love (break it down)Don't keep me waitingI got plans to put my hands in places I've never seenGirl you know what I mean (yeah)1 - [Usher](Twista) Let me take you to a place nice and quietWhere there ain't no one there to interruptAin't gotta rushI just wanna take it nice and slow (Nice and slow baby, nice and slow baby)See I been waiting for this for so longWe'll be making love until the sun comes upBaby, I just wanna take it nice and slow(Nice and slow baby, nice and slow baby)[Twista]Ready? Now you gotta do me nice and slowAnd have you roll on the goI promise not to be a pestAnd kiss ya places another love would've never thought to go[Nice & Slow (b-rock Remix) lyrics on]I didn't lose my mindSo I won't be bogus notice how I move to the SouthCheck this groove cause I'm downGot you moving and swayingWhen we finish we can take a cruise through the townWhile my Usher cd is on, check it out[Usher]Now, here we are driving around town (uh)Contemplating where I'm gonna lay you down (yeah)Girl, you got me saying my, my, myI wish that I could pull overAnd get this thing started right now (yeah)I wanna do something freaky to you, babe (they hear ya)I don't think they heard meI, I wanna do something freaky to you, babe (yeah)So call out my nameThey call me U-S-H-E-R R-A-Y-M-O-N-DNow baby tell me what you wanna do with meGotta nigga feenin' like JodeciEvery time that you role with me, holding meTrying to get control of meNice and slowly, you know, never lettin' goNever messin' up the flow[Twista][Usher]Now tell meDo you wanna get freaky?'cause I'll freak you right I willI'll freak you right I willI'll freak you like no one has ever, ever made you feelI'll freak you right I willI'll freak you right I willI'll freak you freak you like no one has ever made you feel, yeahRepeat 1[Twista]Yeah, Usher what's up?Get it up, owThe first age, owB-Rock Biz, B-I-ZWhat's up? Twista

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Album: Redemption (2005) Lyrics
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