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Wig Out Lyrics

Wig Out by U.S. Bombs  

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Wig Out There's a brand new gig
And it's called the wig

It's not for your head, it's not the jig
Loosen up your pants and freak to the beat
Take a slug of you beer and let it rip

If ya had a hard day, then ya better start wiggin' out
Ya don't have to count and it don’t take a talent scout
Ya don't have to measure up
You don't need a coin for the cup
Just go for it , let it rip, wig out! Exit

Nobody cares if you wanna flip
If everyone stares there just jealous
If yer home alone put your pajamas on
Turn the music up and let the neighbors wig

If you hit someone you don't have to fight
The cops will bring yer own spot light
No tough guys need to prove
You had a dog day afternoon
Just blow off and wig on out!

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