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Baby i like Lyrics

Baby i like by Us5  

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Baby i like I like the way you work
I like the way you're teasin' me
I wanna be your fantasy

Verse 1

Girl I like the way you move
Seen you from across the room
I feel your body close to mine
Our temprature is rising now


fancy cars and near allnights
take us to another high
whats how about we'll spend all lifes together


She's so right
pure delight
I just want to hold her tide
I feel my body shaking 'cause I like it
- I like it!
Don't think twice, be my wife
take a chance for paradise
I wanna make you satisfy
Cause you're the one I like


Baby I like
The way you work that body for me
You do it so sensationally
I like the way you're teasing me
Girl I'd like
to take you on a journy with me
I wanna be your fantasy
I wanna be your everything
Nananana nananana (houuu)
Nananana nananananana
Nananana nananana

Verse2 Mikel

Girl we're getting closer now
Don't be shie just let it out
I take you on a magic ride
We can do it every

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