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No Time For Learning Lyrics

No Time For Learning by Union 13  

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No Time For Learning
Nothing's for free yea there's no time for
Learning to regain our strength or full use of our
Brains it's all artificial real life's jerry springer yeah we lost
Our minds and we ain't getting any better prayers
Don't get answered all the time so wake up after all luck in the
Residue of design my days are all long but my weeks
Are real short I'm chemically imbalanced and it won't work for me
In any court "I'm going postal today this anger
Has made me insane I feel jealousy towards the dead. life
Pressures just fucked up my head and I believe the meaning
Of life has been lost" comfort in progress? I can't take that
Nonsense of politics after all it's designed misery
The smoke screen is thick and it's fumes make me sick when they
Reach you it's not good their purpose is to keep all
You in line for the rest of your meaningless lives take
Initiative now by standing up and being productive one thing
That stops us is ourselves no one else yea we've lost our minds
And we ain't getting any better "I'm going postal
Today this anger has made me insane I feel jealousy towards the
Dead life pressures just fucked up my head and I
Believe the meaning of life has been lost."

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