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Uniklubi Lyrics Mr. Peer Pressure

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Mr. Peer Pressure

by Uniklubi. Buy album CD: Other Songs A - A

Who we got out there tonight?
It's your nogga from California Lakeview, A-1
Whattup A-1, how you?
I'm aight
What can we get you tonight?
I need some of that ruff thang
That Jayo with a Felony, you heard?

[Jayo Felony]
Uhh... lyrics, lyrics, lyrics
Uh-huh uh-huh BEOTCH, uh-huh uh-huh
Y'all niggaz wanna know how I do it?
Come along
Check it out

Punk motherfucker I'ma KEEP comin ruff
Guilty or not, give him the 'lectric chair
Nothin scarIER, I cut your throat and bury ya
Ain't nobody fuckin with the, grenade launcher carrier
I told y'all punks don't belong to anyone
Bust a verse and spit the shit, back nigga get back
How do I lace this track like brand new Air Jordans?
That shit is important, I put my FOOT up in this shit
And leave you stiff as Dominican, uhh
Rent again, they ain't paid again
Ain't nobody gon' fuck wit me, cause I'ma rip shit now AND again
AND again, AND again, motherfucker all the way to the world end

These niggaz gon' recognize this fo' times ten
Quotin cruicial with it, don't I seduce you with it?
Take my shoe and put your foot in it BITCH, you can't fit it
ADMIT IT, FORGET IT, y'all gon' have to quit it
Got attempts ommitted, BITCH

YEAH! Jayo Felony
A.k.a. Peer Pressure, what y'all wan' do?
Y'all can't see this shit
Fuck the dumb
Spit a little somethin like this

In these streets daily cold-hearted and considered retarded
From the way that I reacted, from the shit you started
Y'all don't wanna bump heads with these MC's I freeze with ease
Couldn't defrost need help get Red Cross
Get fucked up and dragged off, body-bagged off
Hauled off from the barrel of my fuckin sawed off
Tempted to rip shit and say fuck a bitch that get chips
Lookin for blunt roaches that got dipped

You don't believe me? Wanna see me?
This is my last rhyme
Now it's back to study time
To be continued

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Album: Other Songs A - A Lyrics
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