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Get Over You - Undertones


Get Over You by Undertones

Blow the last candle out. let the wax harden
I wish I could stop crying. I wish someone still loved me
Just breathe and focus. how can I when the air is so cold and empty
That my lungs froze right in my chest
I'll be honest the silver linings are getting harder and harder to manufacture
And the smiles are so difficult to fake
What do I have to do, or who do I have to kill, to get what I want. what I need
Happiness is an emotion I was born to this world without,
nothing pleases me. I cannot be satiated
Thru this toil I will breed my own distress and destroy my best hopes,
f**k up the only things I love.
I watched my aspirations crash to the ground on the backs of the angels that I've slain.
But I meant so well, I tried to hard, gave every ounce of my soul, to what end.
Desolation, desire, exhale, pass away.