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Bridge of uncertainty Lyrics

Bridge of uncertainty by Twelfth Gate  

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Bridge of uncertainty You lost the color in your face
When I found you underground
Hanging with the dark crowd
The other side revealed

Hiding in evil's shadow with demons of desire
Is there no escape?
Is this who you want to be?
Come at least to the bridge of uncertainty

Two sides to everyone

And when the night yields to the dawn
We'll act like vampires who need the curtain drawn
And then we ask ourselves what have we become?
Which side will we take to the grave?
The other side?

Don't be the sacrifice, and lay across the ruins
Don't look upon its ugly face mirror back a past disgrace
Unveil the mystery; it's hideous, I know

Two sides of mystery

Will I hold your eyes again
In my eyes, we can never leave this place
Our destiny entwined

As we cross the bridge of uncertainty
You deliver me certainly
Our destiny entwined

Two sides
Together we cross to the other side

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