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Now and forever Lyrics

Now and forever by True Vibe  

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Now and forever Hands on the clock count the minutes, the hours
Your love has the power, stronger than time or space
You're the rock that I stand on, my anchor
To You I will give all the praise
And there's nothing that I've got to hide
With the power of God on my side

Now and forever
I promise I will always love you
All my life
One thing I know for sure
We'll be together
Every day I'll love you better
More and more
Now and forever I'm yours...
Now and forever I'm yours...

Lost in a dream, under stars, under moonlight
You are the one Light leading me out of the dark
You're the breath that I breathe, all that I need
Nothing will keep us apart
And I'm giving you my guarantee
That in You I will always believe...
I believe...


All that I have I'll give to You
You know that there's nothing that I won't do
Whatever it takes...
Whatever it takes...


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