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That's Why I'm Sending You Lyrics by Tripod


That's Why I'm Sending You by Tripod

Well now honey, we've had a good life, you and me
All these years we've been so happy
But now lately, things just ain't working
So I think it's time to just let it be
That's why I'm sending you this text message
To let you know we're through... concisely
It was great
To be
With you
But now honey
We're through
I wish that I had predicted that it would end this way
Just like my phone can predict what I wanna say
It was ace
(Bad - cad - ace)
And I hate
(Have - cave - gate - hate)
To lose
(Lord - lose - lore - argh! - Jose - kore - jord - lord - lose)
What we had, you and I
Well, I'm not the right guy
I don't wanna see you cry
I'd rather did... die.

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