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Top Back (Remix)

by T. Rex. Buy album CD: Electric Warrior (Remastered)

[Intro: Young Jeezy & T.I.]
Kream Dela Cream homey, top shelf ya know,
I like my beat down low, down low, down low, down low,
Down low, down low, down low, I like my top let back, let back
Let back, let back let back, let back, Ay holla if u like your
Cheaa you already know what dis shit is nigga, remix nigga, Mannie Fresh,
T.I.P waddup nigga?, I gottcha nigga, I'm a show dees nigga what to do on you nigga...

[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
I let my chain hang low' get that thing up on my waist'
All then haters talking reckless tell em say it to my face,
Can see a bankroll yeah I almost caught a case
It's the remix so Manny Fresh drop tha bass
I say now 28 inches got me sitting so high
Reach straight up through the clouds God Damn I'm in the sky
Got my 87 zone God dammit I'm fly
Bet you anything wont nan nigga try it
I push the look come wednesday' the drop that Monday
Ice cream Impala same color as a sundae, so u can miss me
With that hatin and that he can't rap shit' tell em faggot ass
Niggas wrap they lips around my dick, God damn my money sick
Ay! I need to see a doctor, black on black bentley call it phantom
Of the Opera, Lemon lime drop top I call it a sprite
When I pull out the garage u can call it at night

[Hook: 2x]
I like my beat down low and my top let back
Can see me ridin 24's with a chopper in the back
Ya like ya Kenwood hot and ya top let back
If ya rims sit high and ya windows pitch black

[Verse 2: Young Dro]
DRO! My trunk gon break the damn law I'm ridin through the hood with 8's a damn law, them 27's tall but them 8's are damn raw bitches know they see the
Platinum is grey like grand pa spray the chevy all kinda sour apple colors, diamonds up in my charm look like piny apple suckas teck 9 for some mack 90
For others' leave the weapon on Bucatti's I got on my Dannie Glovers, Naah' this aint a movie but I shot 4 brothers and plus I gotta chevelle that flop 4
Colors cars without the covers' my beat down low I let my rims sit high I'm tha best thing blowing now Dro!!

[Hook: 2x]
I like my beat down low and my top let back
Can see me ridin 24's with a chopper in the back
Ya like ya Kenwood hot and ya top let back
If ya rims sit high and ya windows pitch black

[Verse 3: Big Kuntry King]
I got my treble up high and my beat down low, I don't slam no door's hop in where the roof go, what I need a roof for replacing with the sky streets be
Mine with that Georgia on my mind, I ride in the wetest paint, like I'm surfing on a title wave cocaine whip yeah straight out the microwave man in tha
Trunk sound like the man knocking, 5 pass rocking with stacks in my pockets

[Verse 4: B.G.]
I got money in my pocket and mind on Whoa! to hear myself think I like my beat down low, cigarello full of dro and tha chevy 2 toned it's sittin on
Chrome that's how I get my roll on' gotta dip through the hood you know Gizzle keep it real I see some hot girls so I'm a turn it up a lil let them bounce
To tha music' ba bounce to the beat the top down hop in and ride with a G

[Hook: 2x]
I like my beat down low and my top let back
Can see me ridin 24's with a chopper in the back
Ya like ya Kenwood hot and ya top let back
If ya rims sit high and ya windows pitch black

[Verse 5: T.I.]
Even though I like my beat down low and my top let back, chrome feet down low and my impala wet back ditch-e-dash hit the gas tell them niggas check
That, make them bitches sit back wofers give em wetcast, coming down in a chevy motor sound like it very tight, it is u can tell I hear the tire yelling
Er'lane and the way they ain't kicking I bet you could still hear it loaf of bread I cut it up I bet I get left feel here, Okay my money real big,
Choppers is still here, they catch me with it fuck it I'm doing my lil bit and my drop top ridin with my glock cock ridin I'm looking for them niggas'
Where they at stop hiding heyy!!!

[Ontro: T.I.]
Now dats a mothafuckin' remix nigga...

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Album: Electric Warrior (Remastered) (1971) Lyrics
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