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Home Sweet Holiday Inn Lyrics

Home Sweet Holiday Inn by Trent Willmon  

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Home Sweet Holiday Inn Exit 65, Room 232
It's nothing fancy, ain't much of a view
It's no white house with picket fences
But we close our eyes and pretend
At our home sweet Holiday Inn
Wish I could keep you,
But it's out of my hands
It's best that I can do,
I pray you'll understand
How much I love you, God I feel guilty
So I try to make amends
At our home sweet Holiday Inn

I just get a couple of days
To steal you away
Make up for all the time
I missed
And I hope that we can fit it all in
At our home sweet Holiday Inn

You've grown so fast that
I just can't believe
How much you're changing,
But you still look like me
Maybe some day,
This will all be different
But baby until then
We've got out home sweet Holiday Inn

(Repeat Chorus)

Your daddy loves you
And I'll be dreaming of you
And counting the days until I see you again
At our home sweet Holiday Inn

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