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Here Comes Trouble Lyrics

Here Comes Trouble by Toys Dangerous  

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Here Comes Trouble Didn't go to school and I
Never been in a church
Those social workers got me pinned up as the worst
I've always been a thief
Crime is my game
Sure, call the police
They know my name

1st Chorus:
Even tho' I'm trouble, kids look up to me
Gotta bust your bubble, nothin's for free
Got veins of wire, hey, go some speed
I'm bad luck, ain't worth a f**k

2nd Chorus:
Here comes trouble
Yes, here comes trouble
And I'll make you see double
'Cause here comes trouble

When i walk up the street
Your mama locks the door
She don't want her little girl to f**k around with me no more
I bet you can smell me
From a mile away, yeah
Sure, take a straight look up
I make the buildings sway, yeah

I don't know where I went wrong
No, I don't know

1st Chorus

2nd Chorus

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music