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Feels Like A Hammer Lyrics by Toys Dangerous


Feels Like A Hammer by Toys Dangerous

One thing that you've got to know
Don't want this damn misery
When you find out what i mean
We will both wash ashore
I thought you were stronger
I didn't even understand
Today i know i was wrong
I'm taking no more demand
Today's the day for finding out
Where the road begins to wind
Now i know what you're all about
I'm taking no more of this unkind
1st Chorus:
You put my heart in quarantine
Wish we could be like before
This feels like a hammer
Coming down on me
2nd Chorus:
Feels like a hammer
Sure she shot enough of me
Not changing the way i feel
Try to make a fool out of me
I've about had enough, you see
The death of this is just a game
No nails to build what's torn
I'll be stronger next time around
She's gonna have to stop draggin' me down
1st Chorus
2nd Chorus
1st Chorus
2nd Chorus