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Toya's dictionary

by Toya. Buy album CD: Toya

Icy wrist- watch or braclet full of diamonds
Platinumist- Having alot of platinum jewerly
Drop Six- 600 Benz
Wood Kit- Wood grain interior
Dig em' ups- Gold diggers
Cop & you drop- Purcahse any car without a problem
Hot to def- very fine
Vee's- visa

Stallion- Man that everything going on
Story Book Thug- (stallion) man that has everything going on
Hickey- Pocket full of money
Phat rock in his ear- Large diamond ear ring
Spankin' new Range- Brand new Range Rover
Plaited- hair braided, cornrolls
Had me at go- Had my attention at the beginning
Iced ou playa- Stallion with alot of platinum/jewelry

Click on you- change attitude without warning (snap on you)
Play me shady- treating me like I'm crazy

Flip- switch up on you

Peepin' me- checking me out
Sweatin' me- Paying me alot of unnecassary attention
Give me 5 feet- Give me breathing room
Crowd- In my personal space
Cramp my style- Messing up my game
Make my rounds- Checking out the scene
Bounce- Move on

Nu Breed- a nu millennium women (i.e, Toya& Penelope)
Untouchable- a woman that everything going on
Finna- Midwest swing
Money knows- A guy that's frontin'
Spit- rapping and singing
Timbos- Timberland boots
Whips- car
E.I- it's all good
Mulitman- Coppenhaniacs, hot boys from Demark that produced the 
song Untouchables
Loyalty Click- Toya's mangement team and the loyalty Enterprise family
Hard to hit- Toya's production company, hard to get at
Fo' reel- Penelope's production company keepin it real
Perfect Dime- Perfect 10 (i.e. Mr Blue Eyes & my baby)
St. Lunatics- Hot rap group out the Lou, out of the ordinary
Peeps- people

Drop some dollars- spend some money
Cop(Prada), (a spot)- Get you some
Dough stack- Have lots of money
Flo is packed- Keep people on the dance floor
Red Cardinal Cocked- Repersenting St. Louis, wearing a hat to the side
Freash Ghetto locks- Hot fdreads or cornrolls
Dudds- Phat tires/ 20 inch rims
Chickin head- Hood rat (ghetto fabulous) hatin' girl
St. Louie- St Louis
Da lou- St Louis
4 sho-For real

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Album: Toya (2001) Lyrics
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  1. Alien
  2. All In A Rage
  3. Angel & Me
  4. Angels & Demons
  5. Baptised In Fire (Bonus Track)
  6. Be Loud, Be Proud (Be Heard) (Bonus Track)
  7. Be Proud, Be Loud, Be Heard
  8. Bird In Flight
  9. Brave New World
  10. Brilliant Day
  11. Broken Diamonds
  12. Castaway
  13. Creepy Room
  14. Dawn Chorus
  15. Demolition Men
  16. Don't Fall In Love (I Said)
  17. Dream House
  18. Dreamscape
  19. Elocution Lesson
  20. Elocution Lesson (the Door Is A Whore)
  21. Falling To Earth
  22. For You
  23. Ghost Light
  24. Ghosts In The Universe
  25. Good Morning Universe
  26. Haunted (Bonus Track)
  27. Hello
  28. Homecraft
  29. Homeward
  30. I Doo
  31. I Explode
  32. I Want To Be Free
  33. Ieya 1982
  34. Iriquoe
  35. It's A Mystery
  36. Jazz Singers In The Trees
  37. Jungles Of Jupiter
  38. Laughing With The Fools (Bonus Track)
  39. Let The Power Bleed
  40. Life In The Trees
  41. Love Is The Law
  42. Love Me
  43. Marionette
  44. Martian Cowboy
  45. Masai Boy
  46. Obsession
  47. Obsolete
  48. Ophelia's Shadow
  49. Over Twenty-One
  50. Pop Star
  51. Prospect
  52. Prostitute
  53. Rebel Of Love
  54. Rebel Run
  55. Remember
  56. Restless
  57. Revelations
  58. Run Wild, Run Free
  59. Space Between The Sounds
  60. Sphinx
  61. Stand Proud
  62. Street Creature
  63. Take What You Will
  64. The Druids
  65. The Packt
  66. The Shaman Says
  67. The Show
  68. The Vow
  69. The Woman Who Had An Affair With Herself
  70. Thunder In The Mountains
  71. Time Is Ours
  72. To The Mountains High (Bonus Track)
  73. Tribal Look
  74. Turning Tide
  75. Vale Of Evesham
  76. Vigilante
  77. Voodoo Doll
  78. Walkie Talkie
  79. War Boys
  80. Warrior Rock
  81. We Are
  82. Wife
  83. No matta what (party all night)
  84. How can i be down
  85. I do
  86. The truth
  87. Think
  88. Don't make me
  89. Moving on
  90. What else can i do
  91. Untouchables
  92. Book of love
  93. What's a girl to do
  94. I messed up
  95. Bounce
  96. Fiasco
  97. I do pt. 2
  98. Toya's dictionary


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