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Without You Lyrics

Without You by Toxic Infinity  

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Without You Visions of de ja vu
In my fucked up dream eating me alive -(backup)
Turn back the hands of time
To before it was a crime
To hate-(backup)

People always seem to toy with me
They don't see what they mean to be
Come on down and I'll show you why
Without you I cannot see
Without you I cannot breathe
Without you I cannot be
Without you-(backup)

These random words they fill my brain
Spitting out pages of song lyrics that are insane
And form a word I cannot explain
Is It Hate

Knowledge of my past
Knowledge of my pain
I know I am not proud…-(backup)

Without you I will never be the same-(backup)
Without you I can't explain what I feel-(backup)

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music