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Professional Widow (Merry Widow Version) (live) - Tori Amos


Professional Widow (Merry Widow Version) (live) by Tori Amos

Slag pit, stag shit, honey, bring it close to my lips, yes.
Don't... blow... those... brains... yet...
We gotta be big. We gotta be big, boy. We gotta be big...
Starfucker, just like my daddy. Said,
Starfucker, just like my Daddy, yes...
What is termed 'a landslide'?
Said, what is termed 'a loving, loving...'?
What is termed 'a little girl trusting, a little boy trusting her'?
Yes, said,
Star fucker, just like my daddy.
Star fucker, just like my Daddy.
Sellin' his baby,
Sellin' his baby, said, just like my daddy, yeah.
Sellin' his baby... Sellin' his baby... Sellin' me...
Sellin' his baby... yeah...
What is loving you...? Just like my daddy...
Sellin' his baby...
Said, Mother Mary, china white said,
"Let it be. Let it be. Let it be."
Give me peace, love, and a hard cock.