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Too Short Lyrics All Moving Parts Stand Still

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All Moving Parts Stand Still

by Too Short. Buy album CD: Respect The Pimpin

Written by Ozzy Osoburne
From the band Black Sabbath

Super animation, turning on a nation
And they're saying all moving parts stand still
Since he was elected, adrenalin injected
Hear him saying all moving parts should kill
Just like the hero he's got them all on the run,
Yes he's won, yeah yeah

Since he passed the motion they're building in the ocean
And he's saying all men should all be free
What a combination, peace and radiation
And he's saying free men should fight for me
Just like his momma, he seems to get his pleasure from pain,
And the rain, ain't that strange? Very strange, yeah!

Now, I like choking toys you've got to see me before you meet the boys
Teacher's burnt the school,
He's had enough of sticking to the rules, alright
People stop and see he's got to be more decadent than me
Just to pass the time he gets his kicks from licking off the wine

Precious silly ladies all Cynthia's and Sadie's
Call him up and he takes their numbers down
Said he is a woman I should have seen it coming
And she's saying she's married to a clown
Just like a lady she'll keep you guessing through the night
Not tonight, well I might, oh alright yeah

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Album: Respect The Pimpin (2010) Lyrics
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