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123 Remix Snippet Lyrics by Too Much On The Beat


123 Remix Snippet by Too Much On The Beat

[Too Much On The Beat:]
My 2 step mean, swagger so angry
Plus my dough mad, gotta be bad to date me
It's crazy, how I be gettin' turnt like channels
Man, I be on that syrup like Aunt Jemima
2 steppin' with a pocket full of c-notes
I balls out, no thanks to a speedo
Ha, it's like everytime I hit the scene bro
I'm gettin' spotted like a board playing bingo
On my 1 2, lookin' like I hop scotch
Me and my crew stand out like bald spots
Ask ya girl, my name buzzin like a shot clock
And she want me all in her mouth like pop rocks
Wow, yaw know how I get down
Man, even up know how I get down
Jiggin' and dippin' yaw know how I do it
Don't I put the O' in stupid

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