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All I Remember Is You Lyrics

All I Remember Is You by Tommy Dorsey  

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All I Remember Is You OUT AND ABOUT
Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart

Nothing going on around here
That hasn't gone on all year
Stayin' in day out and day in
Wishin' I was outside playin'

Out and about, I got a little thing going for me
Out and about, free from all the things that bore me
Out and about, riding all around the city
Out and about, all the girls they look so pretty

I'm fine, when I'm, when I'm out and about

Things I want, I can't afford 'em
Nothing in this house but boredom
Magazines are torn and tattered
Running out of reading matter

I gotta run outside and see what's happening

Out and about, where the sun is always shining
Out and about, look at all the fun I'm finding
Out and about, bumping into friends and laughing
Out and about, what a groovy time we're having

We'll have a good time

When I'm out and about, out and about
When I'm out and about, out and about

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