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The bad love story Lyrics

The bad love story by Tom Eeckhout  

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The bad love story The birds are flying outside
I’m looking out the window
But I can’t concentrate
Cause I’m thinking of you

Now you are in Spain
I feel alone in the world
I don’t now what you’re doing
I hope you thinking of me

You’re travelling all over the world
Why don’t you come home
I now it is your job
But I miss you so

I love you,
I miss you,
I wanna hold you in my arms
And till you come to me
I’ll be waiting here at home
(I’ll be waiting at home)

I’m waiting for hours
Here at the airport
You promised you’d come
But I don’t see you here

You lied to me for the third time
Where are you now
Why didn’t you call to me
That you couldn’t be here right now

Refrain 2:
I love you,
I miss you,
I wanna hold you in my arms
Why don’t you come to me
Please come home
(Please come home)

I saw you on TV
You were here in Belgium
I saw you kissing for reel
And then my hart broke

You tried to explain to me
But no one believed you
Just go away from me
And never come home

Refrain 3:
I loved you,
But I hate you now
You’re in the arms from another guy
Just never come back to me
And find a new home
(and find a new home)

Just never come back to me
and find a new home

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