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Sexy Lyrics

Sexy by TLC  

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Sexy "Hello"
"What you doin'?"
"Hold on, let me turn down the music"
"I can't hear you"
"Who dis?"
"What you doin'?"

"Come on man, who's this?"
"What you got on?"
"Ha, ha, well stop playin'"
"I ain't got on shit"

"Word, I have on a string"
"I gotta get back to work man"
"If you ain't gonna tell me your name"
"Tell me, ya know come on"
"What's up, what's your name?"

"I can't tell you my name"
"That's not important"
"You know what?"
"I want you to stop workin'"

"What you wanna do?"
"I want you to help me"

"Alright, what you want me to do"
"I want you to, I want you to"
"Pass me some tissue"
"So I can wipe my ass"
"Ha, ha, ha"

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music