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Intro (on the tlc tip) Lyrics

Intro (on the tlc tip) by TLC  

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Intro (on the tlc tip) Yeah I, I've seen those girls

I think they look pretty cool

But, you know, one thing I, I ya know...

That whole attitude about, ya know

Dressing in the baggy clothes

It's, I dunno I, I'm not into that

I think it's kinda, kinda lame, ya know

But, ah, maybe it's just one of those, you know, those black things

That, that people really get into, ya know

It's just a fad I think

They don't really look like, ya know, women really

They just look like, like they're trying to be

Ya know, just something else than what they really are

I dunno

But they're pretty cute!

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