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Who am i Lyrics

Who am i by Timbaland And Magoo  

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Who am i Who am I
nigga wit the blunt steady trippin
sippin on the concoction
wit tha drum knockin
head rockin'
betta get off b**ches and killas in the front watchin
flowin like I'm finna step or sumthin
I'm just havin' fun
wit my hun
even though it stay bein' work
imma flow until my belly hurt
you niggas rockin' on stage wit tights on and them muscle shirts
betta work
ooh, feels like another who you be
Mr. Shystie
the one that make you frown up like the lemon in my iced tea
tha mutha f**ka most likely
to get into it wit tha opposition
or competition
I break'em off when I give'em the heat
steady reefa rollin'
bullets bodies decomposing
anniahalate members who weak
on the Timbaland beat
do you remember the deep
conversation we had
when my Adrenaline was rushin'
check ya breaks and knee pads
when Twista bussin'
bodies gon get rushed in
I can make'em hit the dance flo'
all those b**ches and hustlers
I get'em in a flux homey
neva phony
hit'em wicked when they run up on me
mutha f**kas still don't know me
let'em know slowly
Who Am I?

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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