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Queen Bee And Her Pals - Thurston Moore


Queen Bee And Her Pals by Thurston Moore

hi Thurston Moore, this is Miranda from the Midget
ahm we... we've just recorded some new songs
and I was wondering if you'd like to hear them
they might be good on single
could you call the school please
sister madness happy sad kiss - came today
holding court on a fuzzy matress - wails away
mister muscle man you've got to - stop and think
that there was a time when god was - dressed in pink
system chaos porno hate boss - magic cries
power freak afraid to speak if God - decides
so long liv Tyler and yeah Jay Jagger - I know they can
marital trauma oh poor Madonna - I'm the man
hello f**ker meet yr maker sick - and stained
queen bee and her pals are not the ones - to blame
will you kill yr boyfriend for me - sister dear
I implore thee I out score thee - free and clear
queen bee queen bee can't you see me - in your mirror