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We Are Enslaved Lyrics

We Are Enslaved by The Working Title  

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We Are Enslaved [Verse 1]

I was licking the wound on my side
Just like the animals I see at night
Dragging me through the depths of
My mind the fear closes my eyes
Wishing I could be folded up tight
In the walls of the castle that I
Built for myself with the purpose of
Keeping the world out of my sight

Why was I the one eating you
Up over the phone bringing the
Wind straight to my door like ice on the
Road spin around and round

[Verse 3]
I have witnessed a bird in my time
On a schedule for days of it's life
Charging and slamming it's fragile body
Against the window while I
Am reminded of yesterdays pain
And this mirror is revealed to me
We never change or learn from mistakes
It's a shame we are enslaved



I lost time once again
There you are
Turn me on
Touch my skin
Free my heart
Now and let me fly


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