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Heavens Gate Lyrics

Heavens Gate by The Wolfgang Press  

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Heavens Gate Allen / cox / gray
One is for the decent times
And two is for the same
Well number three is for the big fat sinners
And four is heaven's gate

There's a soul invasion here
The soul invasion is mine
Love is in a vacant tree
I'm going to pick and choose what's mine

There's a show inside of heaven's gate
And the sinners are taking a bath
Heaven is a season and the season is time
I'm going to sit right back

Ha ha ha
Ha ha ha
With you by my side
I hardly know I speak the truth
I'm an easy equation
As I step inside of heaven's gate

Here beside heaven's fountains
I'm washing my hands with time
I'm washing my legs with truth
I step inside of heaven's gate
I walk inside of heaven's gate
I run inside of heaven's gate

Ha ha ha

Keyboards: Mark Cox, Andrew Gray
Bass: Leslie Langston
Voices: Michael Allen, Michelle Levi
Drums: Andrew Gray, Rew
Programming: Rew, Andrew Gray
Engineered: John Madden
Produced: Drostan Madden, T.W.P.

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music