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Do You Hear The Whispers - The Warriors Of Destruction


Do You Hear The Whispers by The Warriors Of Destruction

Velvet puff bloom flowers divide this by roses but if you don't water them they turn just like quicksand,
plant seeds in the dirt we tag bases like fat slopes and subtract numbers from decimal points,
then you might get bucket of fractions,
trees burn down because crude humor digust our planet,
snooze duty greedy betty wetter and talk catch phrases but hair gets snap feet stomp plumbs,
glance cats punk sweet crunk towels that lacks on a unstudy who pass up grades them chunky gloves go to horseshoes backgammon nickels spread domes.
Do you hear the whispers,
call those whispers,
listening to these whispers,
destroy them whispers,
let in your whisper voice,
whispers speak to me,
whispers are in my head,
do you hear the whispers.