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Sticks And The Stones Lyrics

Sticks And The Stones by The Tuna Helpers  

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Sticks And The Stones Into the river we will rest our feet
The ones we love are waiting
Across the water we will meet
The sticks and the stones will break our hearts
So bury them so carefully
Before they fall apart
Don't worry your head
The night falls soon
Follow your feet
Don't let the dark consume this
Hold tight the reigns
We are moving very fast
Let your hair catch the wind
Let your body be the mast
Don't let the dark consume this
Out of the water we will find our way
Through tricks and treats and families
That stumble for their place
The sticks and the stones
Will make us brave
So open up your chest
Do not worry you are safe

CD  ·  DVD  ·  Sheet music

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