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The Sophomore Attempt Lyrics

The Sophomore Attempt List of Lyrics

Album: The Tides That Bind [EP] (2009) Lyrics
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  1. A Deluge Of Combination
  2. Oh, Glorious Shipwreck
  3. Too Deep In The Deep End
  4. Anchor Eyes Pt.2
  5. Fighting Words (trailer Park Vs.tornado)
  6. Sinking Through The Ceiling
  7. A Deluge Of Separation (the Pledge)
Album: Hallways (2007) Lyrics
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  1. Forget The Competition
  2. Sky Command To Battlestations
  3. I Knew I Should've Worn Red
  4. Two Can Play At That Game
  5. Elisabeth
  6. Get Me An Exit
  7. The Turn
Album: This Is How Do Things (2006) Lyrics
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Album: Embrace The Impact (2005) Lyrics
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Album: Other Songs Lyrics
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