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Mommy's At The Grocery Store Lyrics

Mommy's At The Grocery Store by The Sick Lipstick  

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Mommy's At The Grocery Store I enjoy the cinema!
Take me, take me to the cinema!

Santa Claus on the screen
He is wearing red and green
I enjoy the cinema!
Put me in a movie with him!

Rocketship to the North Pole
It's so frosty up there
But I brought my warmest clothes.
Rudolph and his lady-friend
Making babies in the white snow.
I got pregnant by Santa Claus,
Watch out!
A dog peed there!
A dog peed there!

Gideon is in the tree.
He's talk-talk-talking to me!
Mommy's at the grocery store,
Daddy got shot by a bank robber.

He took us in his car.
He drove us into the river.
We're drowning
Drowning-drowning-drowning in the river!

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