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Share The Darkness Lyrics by The Saw Doctors


Share The Darkness by The Saw Doctors

Hey I can't say that I love you, can't say that I don't,
Can't say that I couldn't, and I won't say that I won't,
But I really like your company, and enjoy myself no end,
And I can't keep from thinking,
Why don't we share the darkness tonight,
Make it warm,and burn it bright,
I'm not saying nothing, I'll be polite,
Why don't we share the darkness tonight.
Life's too short for wasting, for ifs and might have beens,
Life's too short for wondering if you could have lived your dreams,
And it's way too short for lonliness,that we don't have to be,
Now that we trust each other, why don't you stay with me.
When the world belongs to distant dogs and the air is dark and still,
And drunken conversations pass beneath the windowsill,
And there's someone singing Elvis songs as they make their way back home,
And all your fears and worries attack whaen you're alone.