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Street I Never Lived On Lyrics

Street I Never Lived On by The Ropes  

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Street I Never Lived On Here's the place where I grew up
A street I never lived on
I have no roots here at all
No affiliations
Just a temporary stop
Just a second on a clock

I'm not ashamed to say I hail
From a street I never lived on
It's just a place to send the mail
And write on applications
Nothing but a paper trail
Just a breath that I'll exhale


I know that I'm leaving eventually
You said that you grew up too
On a street you never lived on
Your room didn't have the room
For your imagination
Just something you had to do
Imagine that you're leaving soon


Just know that you're leaving eventually


We know that we're leaving eventually

Hang a left and please
Turn right towards me)

I know that you'll find me eventually

(You mentioned
That you've never seen
The sky so 3D)

I know that you'll leave me eventually

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