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Person with a past Lyrics

Person with a past by The Roches  

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Person with a past looking in the mirror
what do you see
from another era
a face baby

a waste maybe
of a chance never had
a history
of romance gone bad

who can be a lover
how long can it last
anything but hover
seems like moving too fast
going undercover
with a person with a past

seems like only yesterday
you were just a child
until up irreversibly
all o' this sadness piled

mistakes when you were fighting
your way out of your bag
has loneliness moonlighting
made of you a hag
who can be . . .

you say you want to see me
my number you desire
you make it sound so easy
like slumbering in fire

I'm offering a warning
where you can put your trust
and thank me in the morning
when ashes turn to dust
who can be . . .

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