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Looking for god Lyrics by The Roches


Looking for god by The Roches

i'm looking for god
go to a book
read the words of a story
but the lover dies
and the woman is left
in the bedroom
with a shadow of herself on the wall
she falls from the bottom, o no
but her arms grow
like pipe cleaners with rubber
bands inside only prettier
she taps the sky and the guy
who died taps back
that is quite a fairy tale
gimme something real
go back re read the very last page
cracking there to feel
a fall from the bottom, o no
how far down do you have to go
like the red balloon
with a pink elephant inside
getting heavier...can't reach the sky
please everything that died come back
in this dream of daily life
i cannot describe
i recognize the words i read
in the wrinkles around your eyes
we all fall down to the bottom...but then
get lifted up again
like a soap bubble
flying past a weeping willow tree
only prettier
to tap the sky
and burst once more to try
i'm looking for god...