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CD Album  Sitra Ahra (2010)
CD Album  Gothic Kabbalah (2007)
CD Album  Wand Of Abaris/The Path To Arcady (2007)
CD Album  Lemuria (2004)
CD Album  Lemuria/Sirius B (2004)
CD Album  Live In Mexico City (2004)
CD Album  Sirius B (2004)
CD Album  Live In Midgard (2002)
CD Album  Live In Midgård (2002)
CD Album  Bells Of Doom (2001)
CD Album  Secret Of The Runes (2001)
CD Album  Secrets Of The Runes (2001)
CD Album  Deggial (2000)
CD Album  Crowning Of Atlantis (1999)
CD Album  Eye Of Shiva (1998)
CD Album  Vovin (1998)
CD Album  A'Arab Zaraq - Lucid Dreaming (1997)
CD Album  Theli (1997)
CD Album  The Siren Of The Woods - MCD (1996)
CD Album  Lepaca Kliffoth (1995)
CD Album  The Beauty In Black - (1995)
CD Album  Symphony Masses / Ho Drakon Ho Megas (1993)
CD Album  Beyond Sanctorum (1992)
CD Album  Symphony Masses: Ho Drakon Ho Megas - NUCLEAR BLAST (1992)
CD Album  Time Sall Tell - (1990)
CD Album  ... Of Darkness (1989)
CD Album  The Siren Of The Woods
CD Album  Other Songs A - V
Album: Live In Mexico City (2004) Lyrics
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  1. The Blood Of Kingu
  2. Uthark Runa
  3. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
  4. Asg岤
  5. Son Of The Sun
  6. Invocation Of Naamah
  7. Typhon
  8. Draconian Trilogy
  9. Flesh Of The Gods
  10. Schwarzalbenheim
  11. Ginnungagap
  12. In Remembrance
  13. The Wild Hunt
  14. The Invincible
  15. Melez
  16. Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
  17. The Khlysti Evangelist
  18. Siren Of The Woods
  19. Quetzalcoalt
  20. Wine Of Aluqah
  21. Cults Of The Shadow
  22. To Mega Therion
  23. Iron Fist
Album: Sirius B (2004) Lyrics
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  1. Kali Yuga Pt. 1
  2. Kali Yuga Pt. 2
  3. The voyage of gurdiieff
  4. The blood of kingu
  5. Son of the sun
  6. The khlysti evangelist
  7. Dark venus persephone
  8. Kali yuga part 1
  9. Kali yuga part 2
  10. The wondrous world of punt
  11. Melek taus
  12. Call of dagon
  13. Sirius b
  14. Voyage Of Gurdjieff (The Fourth Way)
Album: Live In Midgard (2002) Lyrics
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  1. A black rose
  2. Asgard
  3. Baal Reginon
  4. Birth of Venus Illegitima
  5. Cults Of The Shadow
  6. Enter Vril Ya
  7. Ginnungagap (prologue)
  8. In the Desert of Set
  9. Invocation of Naamah
  10. Riders of Theli
  11. Seawinds
  12. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
  13. Summer night city
  14. Swarzalbenheim
  15. Symphony of the dead
  16. The Beauty in Black
  17. The Flesh of the Gods
  18. The raven of dispersion
  19. The Return
  20. The rise of sodom and gomarrah
  21. The secret of the runes
  22. The Wings of the Hydra
  23. To Mega Therion
  24. Wine Of Aluqah
Album: Live In Midgård (2002) Lyrics
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  1. Ginnungagap
  2. Invocation Of Naamah
  3. Birth Of Venus Illegitima
  4. Enter Vril-Ya
  5. Riders Of Theli
  6. Symphony Of The Dead
  7. A Black Rose
  8. The Return
  9. Baal Reginon
  10. Flesh Of The Gods
  11. Seawinds
  12. Schwarzalbenheim
  13. In The Desert Of Set
  14. The Wings Of The Hydra
  15. Asgård
  16. The Secret Of The Runes
  17. The Rise Of Sodom And Gomorrah
  18. Summernight City
  19. Beauty In Black
  20. Seven Secrets Of The Sphinx
  21. The Wine Of Aluqah
  22. The Raven Of Dispersion
  23. To Mega Therion
  24. Cults Of The Shadow
Album: Bells Of Doom (2001) Lyrics
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  1. Bells of doom
  2. Black (demo)
  3. Macabre declension
  4. Melez (demo)
  5. Outro
  6. Paroxymal holocaust
  7. Path of the psychopath
  8. Ravaged
  9. Rockn' jam
  10. Scared to death (exerpt)

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